About CrazyChat

Welcome to Crazy Hearts Chat. This is the best leading chat site. You will all certainly enjoy here and can also get your future partners and best friends as well. We have friendly atmosphere here and our admins also help in creating a better tension free, relaxing, fun filled environment. So shelf the worries and come in this chat site. To chat please click the chat option on the top ! The desired chatrooms can also be entered by clicking on below displayed chatroom logos !!

Our Mission

Friends we created this chat site for all because as we get tired from our daily life we need to sit back, relax and have fun. This chat site will help providing that fun we seek. Also we need your support to make this site much better. You will get a friendly life and also a second home from here that we promise. If any one face any problem/harassment they can contact the admins/mods of respective rooms. Admins/mods are there to solve the problem as soon as possible. Mainly our mission is to help make friends from all over the world and create a cordial place where all feel safe to stay and chat. A borderless world where friends forget racial, cultural differences and unite under one roof. So what are you waiting for !! Come and join our chat site and enjoy the real craziness of chat. This is Crazy Hearts Chat and you are all welcome here. Thanks for coming and bring all your loved ones !

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The rules are as per below :

  • * Talk in friendly way with all users.
  • * Spamming, harassing other users, using lewd comments or posting porn pics are not allowed and will be strictly dealt with.
  • * At first warn the users then only kick.
  • * Any user posting other site's link will be banned.
  • * For more detailed rules please see the chat rules.

If any user face any problem he/she can contact with admin Pratik, admin Prithvi, admin Leopard, admin Shadow or can also email us. Our email ID is given below :

Telephone : +91-8768718480
E-mail : admin@crazyheartschat.com